On the launch of my first novel - Three String Blues -  a radio interviewer asked if the novel was, in any way, shape or form, an autobiography. Well, yes it was, sort of, in a round about way, give or take a few instances, allowance for artistic licence and whatever other changes, alterations and deviance from the truth that I could make to avoid embarrassment to myself and others.

As with many works of ‘fiction’, so much is based upon what you know or have experienced to which you add a broad brushstroke of imagination. The rest, as they say, is fiction ;o)


One man, three children and the Blues -
the eternal triangle! Read how a lone parent throws
caution to the wind and goes in search of music, love, and paternity!


Here begin the adventures of Dick and Tracey - accompanied by a number of dysfunctional friends - as they investigate how the worlds of academia, politics and amateur sleuthing collide in seemingly random acts of corruption.

ISOF cover text idea

Misquoting Shakespeare and an unfortunate incident with an aquarium combine to lead teenage Ben into an alternate reality. Imprisoned by a race of fish-headed creatures, rescued and then coerced, along with three other teenagers, into searching for a missing girl, his hopes of finding a way home seem futile. 

© Pete Townsend 2015