On the launch of my first novel - Three String Blues -  a radio interviewer asked if the novel was, in any way, shape or form, an autobiography. Well, yes it was, sort of, in a round about way, give or take a few instances, allowance for artistic licence and whatever other changes, alterations and deviance from the truth that I could make to avoid embarrassment to myself and others.

As with many works of ‘fiction’, so much is based upon what you know or have experienced to which you add a broad brushstroke of imagination. The rest, as they say, is fiction ;o)


One man, three children and the Blues -
the eternal triangle! Read how a lone parent throws
caution to the wind and goes in search of music, love, and paternity!

Here begin the adventures of Dick and Tracey - accompanied by a number of dysfunctional friends - as they investigate how the worlds of academia, politics and amateur sleuthing collide in seemingly random acts of corruption.


© Pete Townsend 2015