Exciting times! Recently strated working with a couple of new artists - very diverse musically but such a pleasure to create music with other folk who have such a passion for their craft. Spent a day recording some bass and Chapman Stick tunes for Trace Taylor and her new album.

 Coming up soon will be a review of the amazing Studio 2 monitors from  - Gershman Acoustics…check them out! 

Loving the bass output from my ATS gear so, if you’re interested, pop across to their web site.

Meanwhile, keep warm, keep reading and keep listening…!


 Need something to while away a few hours? Why not try a little Three String Blues or Kind of Misbehavin’…available now!


Blog - A new blog is up and running and has a definite Italian flavour! 

Railroad Blues - the sequel to Three String Blues - is now finished!! Not wishing to give the plot away, all I will say is that the story involves the inimitable Harry Cousins, his three children, Rachael and her earrings, exotic locations, kidnapping, a superb guitar and a host of questionable characters - just an everyday story of love, life and the blues! Now it’s the laborious task of proof reading, editing, proof reading, editing…

IMG 8716-001a

Trace Taylor’s new album: ‘It is Finished’  is actually finished and available NOW

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